A Weekend of Projects: Large and Small

A great weekend, even if the temperature dropped 30 degrees. K and I managed to get a lot accomplished and still have time to watch Young Frankenstein.

On the large project front, we are taking the next big stab at the back yard which involves busting up the concrete slab where a lean-to shed used to sit. Been a while since we had a reason to pull the sledge hammer out of the attic so we made the most of it.

busting up the old concrete in back yard

And for a project of a much smaller scale, I took some time on Saturday to work on a guitar pick. Talking with John Rankin the other night about my tendency to drop my pick during complex rhythm playing, he suggesting several modifications to my right hand technique as well as some mods I could try on my picks themselves. These included gluing sandpaper to the pick, getting some grip tape for the picks (taking me back to my skateboarding days), and drilling holes in the pick to increase its friction.

I opted to try drilling holes in the pick as well as easing the upper and lower edges of the pick just a bit with some sandpaper to assist the pick in crossing the strings. Results so far are promising.


3 Responses to “A Weekend of Projects: Large and Small”
  1. Leon says:

    Dude… or you could just check these out:


    Not “home grown,” I know – but they look like they’d do the trick!

  2. Geoff says:

    That is funny. I hadn’t seen that one but John and I used a hole punch (three ring binder) to punch a big hole in the middle of the pick much like the star. It works when you get it in the middle — which is the advantage of buying those. From the image on the site it still looks like you would need to ease the edges.

    There is a pick available from http://www.Elderly.com that has a great grip and the edges are correctly shaped. I forget the name of it but it is about $20 per pick I think. That is too much to take to gig where I might only make $18.

  3. Bob says:

    Weekend projects? I thought that’s what they made New Orleans for, the avoidance of weekend projects.

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