Green Rock

The inspector came by yesterday and we passed our rough-in inspection. That means we are able to close the walls. Thankfully, K decided that the carpenters can hang and float the sheet rock from here on out. That is one check I am happy to write; installing rock just plain sucks.

The first of the walls to get closed was the kitchen wall. They were able to get the the rock hung and the first coat of mud on before the end of the day yesterday.

I had to do some grocery shopping and I decided that as we are moving in soon it made sense just to take the groceries to the new house.

This evening we focused on packing and moving kitchen things and my music stuff. Becky came by to help K with boxing up the kitchen. Later, Rob stopped by with a couple pizzas. At times like this it is a blessing to have friends who have been through the craziness and look out for you.

Dropping off the first load of boxes at the new house I noticed that the upstairs bathroom is now Sheetrocked. That made my night.

Happy birthday to me . . . .

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