Honor the Small Steps

If you are going to progress as an artist you have to recognize and honor the small steps. This is harder than it initially sounds because for some reason we all seem to believe in the giant leaps and the breakthroughs.

But as Twyla Tharp noted in her book The Creative Habit, it is the daily work that brings the payoff. What I’m talking about might be some sort of corollary to her work.

I would urge you (a.k.a. the young me) to pay attention to and rejoice in the tiny, infinitesimal gains that perhaps only you recognize.

Your girlfriend or wife or partner may not hear the difference in the way the slide moves. Your bandmates may think you sound exactly like you did last week. But you know something shifted. Something subtle. Something small. You crossed a threshold.

If you feel it. Believe it. And smile. And enjoy it.

This is what progress feels like.

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