Kitchen Demo: Day 4

Picked up a mattress tonight that will live in the guest room but for now now will also allow us to sleep at the house when we are too exhausted to drive home.

Most of the evening, however, was spent back in the kitchen. K & I removed the sink and the final set of floor cabinets as well as most of the upper cabinets. Of course this meant uncovering mounds of roach droppings and not an unsubstantial number of dead roaches.

Then it was back to pulling up the sticky tile and luan sub-flooring to get back to the old hardwood floors. A hellish task given the ungodly number of nails they used to secure the luan sheets.

For the most part the floors look good although we did uncover a small area patched with newer yellow wood. Most of that will eventually end up back under a cabinet so I’m not too concerned. Still better than sticky tile!

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