Lack of Leadership, again

Some days I think that no matter how long I live here I will always feel the frustration of wondering what it will take to get us to change our head-in-the-sand mentality toward the fragile environment we inhabit. There were hopeful moments in the aftermath of the Federal Flood . . . even a few moments of outright optimism. And yet even now . . .

From California:

“If I have a choice between the $100 million [for drilling] and what I see in the Gulf of Mexico, I’d rather just figure out how to make up for that $100 million,” [Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger] said May 3.

From Louisiana:

Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu is steadfastly against a moratorium on Gulf Coast deepwater drilling – as are other members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation. Republican Sen. David Vitter has seen fit to chastise Congress for holding hearings on the growing crisis before the deep-sea leak has been plugged.

From the CS Monitor

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