Our Treme

Just finished watching episode 1 of ‘Treme’ with a great group of friends. Most of us lived through that Fall of 2005 here in New Orleans.

To the credit of the shows writers and producers, everyone agreed that they really got it right. Parts of it felt almost documentary and brought back some strong memories.

Browsing my image archive from that time — I was actually looking for something completely unrelated — I came across this image from October 15th, 2005. Of course, I love the fact that K is wearing her Treme T-shirt: the neighborhood, not the show.

New Orleanians Return After Hurricane Katrina

Relaxing in St. Roch just after the Federal Flood

3 Responses to “Our Treme”
  1. Banzai Bill says:

    Yes Indeed!!! I have the Treme t-shirt from Metro-3 as well (I bought it before the storm), and I was wearing it this weekend. Got lots of looks :)

  2. Peter says:

    That was a nice evening. I’m glad you memorialized the George Washington haircut I evidently sported in those days.

  3. Tim says:

    Yes, it was an emotional tv show for us. I’m still wondering how the rest of the nation is reacting to it. I don’t have any crazy expectation that Congressmen watching this HBO drama will suddenly leap from their seats and exclaim, “My god, we’ve got to do something for those poor people!” Nor do I expect the national dialogue about New Orleans will change much either. But I do hope it gives people who ain’t from here the idea that we are decent, hard-working people living and loving our own version of the American Dream.



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