Scraping By

Renovating after working the day gig is always tricky for me. I need to recharge a bit after the workday — but too much relaxing and I loose lose momentum. And Friday happy hour is right out.

Tonight it was back to the kitchen floor. K and I made good, if slow, progress. Feeling like we are 95% done and almost ready to start sanding.

When we called it quits we took Stanley and T-Bone for a walk around the Bayou. Ran into Ian and Antonia on their bikes headed downtown with some friends. Stopped into Pal’s for two beers in go cups to help with the summer heat. The warm night air just humid enough to ensure we knew we are in New Orleans.

Almost forgot to mention dinner: paprika chicken with three sides: potato salad, dirty rice, and macaroni & cheese from the corner store next to the house. $6.99. Fed both of us and we still have lunch for tomorrow.

How lucky we are to have fallen in love in this city and with this city.

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  1. rcs says:

    Lose, not loose!

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