Small Step

Been a while since I’ve posted on the renovation — or anything else for that matter. Around the time of my last post, we learned that my mom had pancreatic cancer. While K and I — and K’s parents and our friends — managed to get some good work done on the house since then, I just never felt like writing about it. Writing about one part of my life without mentioning Mom seemed disingenuous. But I also couldn’t write about what we were going through. It was too personal and too hard.

Mom never got to see this house. She said returning to New Orleans and seeing the house was the one thing she wanted to do in the time she had left. But time ran out.

Since returning to New Orleans, it has been hard to muster the energy or even the focus to get back into the renovation. Tonight I took a baby step. I got out some tools and installed a closet rod in the downstairs coat closet.

It wasn’t a large project nor is it very public. But it is a small improvement that K wanted. Being able to do that for her makes me feel somewhat useful again.

I know that healing is a long journey made up of countless seemingly insignificant steps. Perhaps tonight was one of those.

New closet rod installed.

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