Watching the Creek Rise

Note: I wrote this post on my iPhone while evacuated at the cabin but could not post it due to lack of internet access.

At dawn there was no sign of Gustav. The sky was clear, the air was calm and the birds were waking up. Around noon the first rains came. Easy at first, the bands gradually became apparent. At 1pm we lost power for the first time. It came back once or twice but went out for good around 3pm.

Our cabin is tucked into a ravine so most of the wind and mayhem has been happening above us on the ridges. The first tree snapped early on the afternoon. Since then it has been band after has passed through.

As the rains have continued, the dry creek bed I’m front of our cabin has returned to life. No danger to us from the rising water. The tornado warnings are more troubling as we prepare for bed.

creek in front of writers cabin during Gustav

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