I Got That New Guitar Buzz

National Tricone Series 1 Resonator Recplicon

Until my friend Pat dropped this guitar on off at my house just prior to Christmas, I hadn’t thought much about playing or owning a resonator. I always liked the sound but had pigeonholed them as blues or slide guitars and that was pretty much it.

When I told Pat I was looking at getting a nice flattop, he dropped this off and told me to hang onto it for a while. A deft move on his part.

Once I started playing it I realized that it is a much more versatile instrument than I ever imagined.

Beyond that, the craftsmanship is superior to any guitar I have played. Unflinching attention to detail and pure dedication to quality. I don’t know who the guys are who put these together but I am certain that they are a special bunch and that they care about these instruments. I have heard that they only make around 400 guitars per year. I don’t know if that is true or not but given the sound and feel of this instrument, I could be true.

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