It started with a voicemail from K. Someone broke in to the new house. Tools are missing. So is the antique china cabinet.

stolen victorian china cabinet

I suspect Buddha is testing my attachment to material objects. Loosing the tools sucks but they are just metal and plastic to me. However, ever since my first step inside this house I have been drawn to this piece. I just loved its beauty and the craftsmanship it took to make it.

Our neighbor actually saw the guys taking it. However, since we have contractors going in and out he talked with them briefly and they said we were getting rid of this or something and he went back inside; can’t blame him for that. All we know is that it was two black males in a white SUV — Tahoe or Explorer or something — which was new, shiny, and had chrome rims. Not much to go on. I think the good news is that judging from the appearance of some other pieces of furniture they planned to take more. But I suspect that once they knew someone had seen them they just bolted. So while our neighbor didn’t prevent them from taking this piece, he probably did save us from loosing a few more things.

I try to focus on the fact that it is just stuff. And that k and I are both safe. And that no one put a gun in our faces. Nevertheless, all day I have been agitated, sad, pissed off, and generally unpleasant to be around.

NOPD came out and took a report. Very nice officer. One of the best I have encountered here and that is nice. Then again, the fact that he estimated that a detective would be on the case in 5 to 7 DAYS doesn’t inspire much confidence in that route. I guess if I were down and out and needed some cash and someone said, “it’s illegal . . . but you’ll have a 5 to 7 day head start before the cops come after you” — I might take those odds.

At least the sun is going down. Tomorrow will be another day.

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