Indoor Plumbing

And lo, the first time I laid eyes upon the tub installed in the bathroom there rested upon it a single shaft of light brought forth from the heavens. And when I saw it I said, ‘this is good.’

Okay. So the shaft of light was a bit up and to the right, but still a pretty momentous occasion. Never take for granted the ability to take a bath, inside your own home. This small wonder of modern Roman engineering is quite a nice addition to any home.

In other news, K and I painted the kitchen yesterday before I ran off to my Serenaders gig. We are looking at the results under various lighting conditions to see if we can get away with one coat. So far I am impressed withe covering ability of the Aura paint. We may have gotten lucky.



Not much happened on the renovation today. Carpenters are on hold until the shoring company comes to level the house — scheduled for next Wednesday. And the electricians appear to be off on another job.

K & I decided to invite a few folks over for a beer in honor of Saint Arnold’s Day. Any excuse to sit on the porch and drink a beer. The evening was going swimmingly until Stanley (our slightly crazy dog) decided to engage in a stand-off with an equally crazy cat under the house. At first I thought Stanley had trapped the cat and attempted — while crawling under the house in the dark — to provide cover for the cat to escape. Then I determined that the cat was holding Stanley hostage and attempted to toss various pieces of detritus at the cat to distract him so Stanley could make his escape. Turns out Stanley and the Cat were two crazy souls who had found each other and neither had any interest in escaping. They were locked in some weird under-the-house cage match and were determined to take each other down. K later referred to them as Sid and Nancy — which I think is the best description.

Finally, with the help of Rob, Ben, and Susan, we were able to coax Stanley away from the cat and out from under the house — where he proceeded to act as if nothing had happened.

While not much happened today, it appears that tomorrow could be a big day for the old house.

Plumbing Pipe waiting to be installed

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